Welcome to BIOMAX!

Congratulations for reaching your goal weight.
Time for Phase 2 Biomax

You are now in Cheetah Nation!

It’s time to end the one-size-fits all approach.

In this phase the goal is to design a plan tailored to your Cheetah Physiology.
Here is where you will find what your body craves.
Meals, exercise zones, nutritional supplementation and healthy habit building techniques.
Boost made you fit, Biomax will give you all the tools to be fit forever.

Your BIOMAX journey starts here

Your Cheetah Supplement Kit

Built to address the two main Cheetah concerns: Stress and Anxiety.

Your kit also provides two key formulas to insure sustained weight management.

Elite Stress Control

This is an advanced Adrenal Support complex that helps your body recuperate and manage stress

Elite Fat Burner Sugar Blocker. 

This is an exclusive formulation designed to manage glucose. It helps with appetite control and reduces cravings.

Elite Energy 

This is a sustained release B Vitamin Complex formula that helps you maximize the production of energy.

Elite Better Sleep.

This formula helps relieve stress by inducing a relaxing effect without drowsiness.

Your Cheetah Tracker

The perfect tool to build a program as unique as you.

  • Dynamic Heart Rate Monitor
  • Step Counter
  • Calories Burnt
  • Active Time.
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Sedentary Alarm
  • Easy-to-use App

Learn how to pair your tracker to your smart phone and download the App.

Time  to build your program!



You reached your goal weight. Now what?

Our program begins where all other program end.


The reason why diets will never work.

Diets never work as a long term solution. No way around it.

When a program is reduced to a simple diet the outcome will always be failure. Getting results will never be the answer, maintaining those results equals true success.

Every weight loss program under the sun is focused on,  you guessed it weight loss. All programs end there.

You are left with no clear plan on how to continue with your everyday life.

The way you live every day, how you handle stress, thoughts and emotions,  how you choose your meals,  the way you exercise, your sleeping habits, will determine how healthy you are.

There is no way to maintain any results without understanding your physiology and a plan tailored to your unique metabolic type.

Your body holds all the answers. Biomax gives you all the tools to build the perfect lifestyle program to give your body what it craves.


Let Biomax Begin!


The five links to wellness

To keep your wellness chain strong you must take care of these five links, neglect one link and your chain will brake






These are the five pillars we are tailoring to your Metabolic Type.
You will find below all the tools for each link so you can create the perfect program.
The results from the Metabolic Test  are combined with the results obtained from the Training Zone evaluators will give you a clear picture.
This program is as unique as you are. You will be giving your body exactly what it needs.


Welcome to the Science of You


Nutrition is your first line of defense.

Our nutritionists and dietitians have personalized your nutrition plan translating your Cheetah Metabolic needs into real foods. Your food groups are your protein, carbohydrate and fat needs put into real foods and realistic portion sizes. You will find menus as well as all the guidance to build your own meals in your Cheetah Biomax Nutrition E-book.



When it comes to managing the stress response, drinking enough water is not an option – it is essential. You can be eating a perfect menu and following an amazing exercise routine, but without proper hydration, you will NOT manage stress.

The hydration process can take a couple of weeks. After this period, the body will become so hydrated that it will lit- erally begin to ask for more water. In other words, you will get thirsty. DO NOT force the hydration process. Follow a schedule and begin to increase your intake slowly.

Week One: Drink one liter of water daily
Week Two: Drink two liters of water daily
Week Three: Drink three liters of water daily
Week Four: Your body will be well hydrated and dictate how much you will need.


Your physiology is unique, the way you exercise should be too.

Exercise is stress.

It might sound strange, but exercise is another form of stress. Yes! Stress. That is why it is so important to understand how to exercise properly.

The goal is to train at an intensity that will allow your body to build up oxygen so it can use fat as fuel, build muscle, and increase your respiratory capacity, but at the same time you need to be able to recuperate. Not enough intensity, no impact. Too much intensity, no recuperation.

When we exercise, our bodies cannot tell the difference between a spinning class and running from a pack of wolves. The stress response kicks in for the body to take action releasing the necessary hormones for the body to perform the required physical activity. Once this finalizes, these stress hormones drop.

The key to exercise recuperation is the rebalance of the stress response. The success of exercise is not how hard you push; it is about the body’s ability to recuperate from that exercise session.

The Cheetah Zone

Training in your zone will allow you to reach the maximum fat burning power, increase muscle mass and respiratory capacity without over exerting your body. You will be able to recuperate!

No more guesswork. Train like a Cheetah.

Our Training Zone Calculator does all the work so you don’t have to! We use your Resting Heart Rate combined with a set of formulas adjusted to your activity level to establish your Training Zone.

Use your Biomax Fitness Tracker to take your Resting Heart Rate first thing in the morning and answer the questions to know your ideal Cheetah Training Zone

Now you know your Zone Ready, set, go!

READY: Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and breathable clothes. Keep your water bottle close. Hydration is key.

SET: Find a place in your schedule and make sure no matter what life brings you will include exercise. NO EXCUSES.

You will need a minimum of 30’ to start every other day. Aim to increase to 45 minutes after the first 30 days. Make sure you are training in your Zone. After 30 days take your Resting Heart Rate first thing in the morning and retake the Training Zone Calculator to adjust your Training Zone accordingly.

GO: Pick your favorite! Walking briskly (you need to get to your Zone) if you are less active. Jogging, elliptical machine, treadmill, rowing machine. If it gets you in the zone it will work.

Training in your Cheetah Zone will transform you.


The secret fountain of youth

Current scientific evidence has established that muscle is the key to a healthy metabolism. As our body uses its sugar and fat as fuel to produce energy, heat is produced. A healthy metabolism produces 65 percent energy and 35 percent heat. Remember, a pound of muscle burns approximately ten calories while fat doesn’t burn much at all.

Scientists have discovered that we lose eight ounces (1/2 pound) of muscle per year after the age of twenty, and it can be much more if the stress response is out of balance. They have also established that resistance training has been proven to be the most important activity to counteract the loss of muscle and its effect on health and aging.

Tufts University performed a study with a group of seventy-year-old individuals. In this study, participants performed resistance training twice a week. The results of the study showed that each individual increased their lean body mass and strength. When you increase muscle you will restore and change your health. This change comes with positive effect on blood pressure by reducing the systolic and diastolic pressures by about three points (mmHg). Studies also show that people lose body fat when they train with weights, even without calorie restriction. It also contributes to the prevention and management of injury, slows bone and muscle loss, and prevents falls, and delays frailty in older adults. Weight training has significant health benefits independent of those provided by aerobic exercise.

Goodby Scale. Hello measure tape.

At this point in your program we thank the scale for its services. It was useful as a parameter during Boost, but it will not be accurate anymore.

Your goal now is to improve your body composition by increasing muscle mass and to increase your oxygen levels to turn your metabolism into a furnace.

Muscle has less volume than fat. You may weigh the same, but if your body composition improves increasing lean muscle your measurements will be very different even if your weight is still the same. You could even gain a few pounds while dropping dress sizes. Your clothes or a measuring tape will be much more accurate than the scale.

Cheetah Resistance Training Guides



You can have your cake and eat it too!

 Once a week you will be able to enjoy a free meal, anything your heart desires.  This free meal makes the program real, so you can still celebrate special occasions without guilt; in fact, you get to celebrate every week that you are managing your health and the stress response.

For six days you follow your program; and on the seventh, have anything that you wish. Understand that this works psychologically because the mind rejects negative instructions. Most people focus on what they don’t want. We literally are not wired to diet. Saying you are not going to eat this or that just causes you to want that food even more. Now you know nothing is off limits. That particular something will be part of your free meal.

Being able to have freedom makes your program real; it is a great psychological tool, but the benefits are not only psychological, but physiological.

Why is cheating on your diet exactly what the body ordered?