Welcome to BOOST!

The goal here is to reset your metabolism.
As a side effect you will lose weight.

Boost was designed in our clinics after working with thousands of patients of all ages from every walk of life. We thought it was high time to use lifestyle optimization as “the prescription” for true health. We see this program save lives everyday.

Now it is your time, congratulations!

Your BOOST journey starts here

Ideal weight evaluator

This evaluator will tell you when to move to the next Phase, Biomax.

The idea here is to give you a parameter to easily navigate the program and to be able to determine when to move to the next Phase, Biomax. Depending on your results you may need more than one Boost Cycle to get to the desired goal weight.

Take this evaluator before starting Boost and again by end of week 3 in every cycle of Boost to determine how to continue the program.


The ideal Weight Evaluator we provide is to be used only as a parameter to navigate the Boost Phase of our program.

There are limitations to all the formulas. The most obvious is due to the simplicity of their calculations: they only factor in height and gender. There are no considerations for physical handicaps, extreme ends of the spectrum, activity levels, or muscle mass to body fat ratios, otherwise known as body composition. A person who falls perfectly into the ideal bodyweight for all the formulas yet has high body fat ratio would not be considered “ideal” for most people. Our Ideal Weight Calculator is meant to be used as a general guideline based on the most popular formulas, and its results are not intended as strict values that a person must achieve to be considered an “ideal weight”.

Should you have questions or concerns, please contact a member the  EliteFitForever team via email, chat or phone. 

We are here to help!

Use your results to

Navigate the Boost Phase.

Reset Day.

After finishing a Boost cycle and starting the next cycle both your metabolism and your mind need what we call a reset day. During reset day you are encouraged to eat freely for just one day.

Reset Week.

You will follow the reset week menu and after this reset you will be ready for your next 3 cycles of boost

Getting Ready

Preparation, the clue for success.

Now your goals are clear. It is time to make sure there are no conflicts with your schedule.
Avoid starting the program when major events are in your schedule. Vacation time, moving, birthdays, holidays, surgery. You get the drill.

Enlist your army

Let it be known!

Let family and friends know you are in a transformation program Beware of sabotage! Sometimes people in our circle may feel resistance to change and will unintentionally try to sabotage your efforts. Tell them you are enlisting them in your army and make them participate. That should change their attitude.

No additions or substitutions

This phase requires focus.

This is the time to follow the blueprint. No deviations, PLEASE!
We know fruits and veggies are healthy! Our focus though is hormonal reset and even the tiniest modification can alter the reset process.

Timing is everything

Set your alarm

You should be eating every 3 to 4 hours. Timing also affects chemistry.
It is also important that your last meal is three hours before bed time.
This is not only key during Boost, but a great habit to acquire for the rest of your life.


Keep it simple, fresh and organic when possible.

You will find all the information you need in your BOOST Nutrition E-book. Click below for your weekly menus, tips, printable shopping lists, recipes and more.


  • Shop once a week using your weekly grocery list.
  • Avoid emergency situations.
  • Have all your Boost friendly foods at hand always.


  • Use cooking spray.
  • Non-stick pan broiling, steaming and grilling are the way to go.
  • Use herbs, spices and lemon juice to add flavor.


  • Look for hidden sugar in savory foods and condiments.
  • Check nutrition information.
  • Avoid preservatives and artificial ingredients





Week 1
week 1@0.5x-50
Week 2
week 2@0.5x-50
Week 3
week 3@0.5x-50
Week 4
week 4@0.5x-50


Staying hydrated is key.


  • Water should be your first choice. Sparkling water is an excellent choice too.
  • You can infuse water or sparkling water with aromatic herbs, slices of cucumber, lemon or lime. Women should aim for 2 liters a day, men 1 gallon.


  • Alcohol, fruit juices, soda, milk, creamers, half and half.
  • Pay attention to your drinks if you visit a coffee shop. Stay away from blended drinks.


  • Black coffee, unsweetened hot or iced tea and herbal infusions are allowed.
  • NO MILK, CREAMER OR ANY FORM OF SUGAR PLEASE! You can use artificial sweetener or Stevia.


Protein is one the most important pillars in our program.


You can flavor your shake with cooking extracts such as lemon, coconut or almond.
Find some great recipes in The Shake Book bellow.



  • Your Boost Kit includes a shaker bottle to ensure you have your shake available no matter where you are.
  • Use 6 to 8 ounces of water and a scoop of powder.
  • Boost shakes will taste best when prepared in a blender with ice.


If you are feeling very hungry you can add a Boost Shake per day.

Only if you are hungry!


For the ones who cannot live without it.


Sugar free gelatin is allowed


One serving of sugar free pudding is allowed per day


Be in control

Chose a grilled or steamed lean protein like chicken breast, salmon or a tuna steak. For sides go for fresh or steamed greens with a squeeze of lime or lemon. No cheese or dressing.

Sparkling water, black coffee and unsweetened tea are your friends. You can add ice, lemon, Splenda or Truvia to create a flavorful drink.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Create a plan of action and remember your WHY. 


There is a solution

We have seen a few patients with this issue specially during the first week of BOOST. Should you experience constipation the solution is in our natural  Elite Aloe Colon Care available in our store.



EAT REAL FOOD: Eat a variety of whole, fresh foods — and avoid packaged and processed foods as much as possible.

GET QUALITY SLEEP: Get adequate, restful sleep — between 7 and 8 hours. Not getting enough quality sleep can wreak havoc on your system because it’s the time our bodies are devoted to hormone regulation, muscle repair, memory consolidation and so much more.

MANAGE YOUR STRESS: Take quiet time for yourself daily, and if you can, develop a meditation practice to help you manage stress.

REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR SUPPLEMENTS: Fortify yourself against environmental contaminants, depleted food sources, and the effects of stress. Our exclusive formulas were developed to accelerate weight loss, manage stress, optimize nutrition and improve recuperation.

MAINTAIN CONNECTIONS: Find meaning in your life and build and maintain your connections to others.